An opportunity for all.
Public health experts regard most health care cost to be from preventable chronic disorders. These disorders have immune-inflammatory processes made worse by unhealthy food habits that can be prevented. Recognizing and changing one’s personal food habits and health beliefs is often easier when friends and neighbors in a community share ideas about positive actions that work.

Personal beliefs drive personal actions – and new ideas can alter beliefs.

  • Personal Actions you can take: GO>                                      
  • Learn Omega 3-6 Balance Scores: GO>
  • Balancing omega fats has health consequences.
  • Recipe Repairs can improve your food choices with simple replacements.
  • Learn what makes an anti-inflammatory diet or an antioxidant diet

Four light-hearted wellness videos for families to learn Nix6 and Eat3.

  • NIX the 6 –  A 2:02 min. video introducing omega-6 and inflammation.
  • Simple Health Plan –  A 1:50 min. video on Omega 3-6 Balance
  • Sardine Man –  A 1:39 min. video about parents and kids eating sardines.
  • Sardines – A  3:01 min. video celebrating Morgan County Sardine Club goals and actions.

Other Wellness Videos