The Forum advances informal education of individuals in Morgan County to apply arts, sciences, technologies and social studies in their daily lives. Its trade name is FAST. It is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable corporation under IRS Code, Section 501(c)(3).

FAST members are persons or entities who care deeply about the role of arts,  sciences, technologies and social studies in the lives of County residents.  FAST members help generate funds for important projects throughout the County. Members receive periodic newsletters and other educational materials as set by the Board of Directors, and they elect Directors at the annual meeting of the Corporation. Beginning in 2016, FAST members are no longer asked to pay annual dues, although contributions to help our diverse community projects will be heartily welcomed. Donations are welcomed at FAST, P.O.Box 674, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.

Many FAST projects involve mixtures of arts, sciences, technologies and social studies to give a deeper experience and understanding of the events in our daily lives. Our past projects in the four topic areas are briefly noted on the webpages listed in the menu bar above. What we did shows what we can do.

FAST awards mini-grants to Morgan County teachers to enhance standard schoolroom learning in ways that also advance informal education of individuals and families in Morgan County to apply arts, sciences, technologies and social studies in their daily lives. We want to stimulate learners to teach and become teachers who learn

Each person’s curiosity can help them enjoy seeing how systematic measures of basic science enrich understanding of the processes in our daily life. Much FAST energy flows into community nutrition with the Sardine Club and BackPack projects.The community becomes richer as individuals share their insights and ideas of a better life and sense of well-being.

Overall, FAST supports the goal of Benjamin Franklin who started in 1743 the country’s first forum where people could communicate their records and interpretations of “all philosophical Experiments that let Light into the Nature of Things, tend to increase the Power of Man over Matter, and multiply the Conveniences or Pleasures of Life.”