Mini-grant Awards           

The Morgan County Forum for Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Inc. (FAST) is conducting a pilot project of mini-grants for teachers in the Morgan County Schools. For three years (2016-2018), FAST will award annually, $15,000 in 15 awards: twelve (12) $500 awards for small projects plus three (3) $3,000 awards for larger department or collaborative projects addressing several aspects of a topic or theme.

In 2017, an added subset of five (5) $500 awards is reserved for newly arrived teachers who joined the staff after the June 2017 deadline. Grant applications for those 2017 NEW mini-grants (please use: Teacher Award Form ) currently have a NEW Teachers’ deadline at the end of October, 2017 for awards to be made in December, 2017.

The intent of FAST is to support educational projects that enhance standard schoolroom learning in ways that also enhance our mission to advance informal education of individuals and families in Morgan County to apply arts, sciences, technologies and social studies in their daily lives. Thus, some preference will be given to projects that encourage students to introduce newly-learned concepts into the daily lives of their families and neighbors. We want to stimulate learners to teach and become teachers who learn, and we hope the projects provide another step forward in that regard.

Awards made in 2016  

Berkeley Springs High School
  • Dylan Beddow, Technology for Math Education
  • John Brode, Power of the Sun
  • John Brode, Water Quality of Warm Springs Run
  • Richard Burdock, World of Microbes
  • Richard Burdock, Electrophoresis for DNA Analysis
  • Sherry Hartman, Mathematics of Good Nutrition
  • Ellen Chase Newton, Tech Please
  • Sky Wagner, Quadratic Catapult
Pleasant View Elementary School
Warm Springs Intermediate School
Widmyer Elementary School
  • Harley Burcker and Crystal Boyles, Self Regulation Yoga


page revised July 19, 2017