Knowledge is Power.  Sharing is Fun !

The Great Gray Matter Challenge is held in the Berkeley Springs High School Cafeteria in January. People of ages ranging from 15 to 86 years combine into teams of four to six people and answer 100 questions on topics in arts, sciences, technologies and social studies. Some call it “Academic Games” or “Trivial Pursuit”, and we call it “FUN”.  Learn more about the history of this informal education project.




In Januray, 2018,  Kaitlyn Hashem, Joseph Hashem, Ed Steers, Cathy Hoyt, Jim Hoyt, and Maureen Mylander joined friends and neighbors to have fun sharing ideas and raise over $600 for the Morgan County Library Literacy Fund.











Norberta Schoene (standing, left) and Abbie Brown (standing, rear) invite you to send questions for the 2019 event to

2017 winners Challenge




The members of the 2017 winning team were (from left to right) Helen Herlocker, Mike Kligerman, Ethan Hatcher, Susan Lothers, Bob Wurster, John Douglas.



updated February, 2018