Morgan County Sardine Club

Did you know how sardines got their name?
Herring canned in Sardinia were called sardines. It’s as simple as that!

In October 2018, the Sardine Club now has over 140 members celebrating National Seafood Month. It will have a float in the October Apple Butter Festival Parade and hand out free samples of sardines plus health advice from the national Seafood  Nutrition Partnership.

The 2017Sardine Club Volunteers (from left to right)  Lewis Elias, Dawn Beal, Wendy Baracka, Angel Routzahn. They organized a Sardine Club Celebration.

In 2016, Sardine Club members had a large poster exhibit [0.50min. video] at a reception in the Morgan County Library. In 2017, Club members made many posters that were displayed in the school cafeteria.

  • Gary McDaniel tells how the Sardine Club began with four members. [2:14 min video].


Short videos:

  • Sardine Man –  A 1:39 video about parents and kids eating sardines shows how Morgan County’s Sardine Club began.
  • Sardine Club 2017 –  A 0:43 video shows 120 kids celebrating National Nutrition Month.
  • The Sardine Club celebrated National Nutrition Month in March, 2017.
  • The Sardine Club is one of  several initiatives enhancing community wellness that The Morgan County School Social Work Department has developed.
  • Sardines!  Mike Kligerman leads the Ukelele Club in a 3:01 celebrating the Morgan County Sardine Club with an original song.