Download to your desktop a copy of Recipe Repairs. This ebook is designed to support personal and corporate wellness programs. It introduces tools for Recipe Repairs plus reasons why Repairs should be made. On page 6, discover your daily burn rate with a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, and on page 9, discover your likely HUFA balance with omega 3-6 balance scores and the Omega Meals app. 

Recipe repairs are needed for wellness programs that urge people to “eat healthy”, because “healthy” needs more explicit definition. Two preventable nutrient conditions strongly affect health: the calories per meal and the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients in foods eaten.balance The Recipe Repair pages link you to tools so you can plan to eat what tastes good while you also balance food energy. NIX6 or EAT3 files list food items to either avoid or prefer as you build your own anti-inflammatory diet.

Eating more seafood is a strong step forward to a better nutrient balance. Some history of human food habits and how they changed can help you recognize why Recipe Repairs are needed now.

On-line balance scores help you quickly see the balance of omega nutrients in a food item, and Omega Meals combines your food choices to help you make your own personal recipes and food plans that have a better than average overall daily Omega 3 – 6 balance. Eating twenty different food items will usually give you most of your needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Health benefits from doing this were discussed by Clark & Lands in 2016. They made three menu plans to show how replacing certain food items easily gives a better balance of omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients. Informed food choices lead to wellness and effective preventive nutrition.The diverse Daily Plans in Omega Meals show that food choices CAN give desired scores, but some plans don’t quite have the desired average calorie-weighted omega-3 score. That’s when many people use supplements to reach their goal while still eating many foods with fairly negative scores. Oils for omega-3 supplements are: salmon, +263; menhaden, +200; sardine, +166; cod liver, +140; flax oil, +46. One teaspoon is equivalent to five 1-gram capsules and has about 41 kcals. Most supplements are less than half omega-3, and the more costly ones have more omega-3 nutrients per gram.

War Memorial Hospital Conference Lunch – Morgan County health workers met in 2016 for a lunch-time discussion of healthy food choices. The first draft of the lunch menu was repaired to convert a not-so-healthy combination into a healthier combination. A second meeting in 2017 continued the discussion about how easily people can NIX the 6 & EAT the 3. Later, the Valley Health Medical Center in Winchester had a grand rounds discussion of preventive nutrition with a healthy lunch at which the staff used their own special vinaigrette.

March is National Nutrition Month with its Morgan County Sardine Club Celebration, and October brings the Morgan County Apple Butter Festival and also National Seafood Month. Here is a new recipe that features both events.

revised August, 2019