Mini-Grant Awards for Teachers          

The Morgan County Forum for Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Inc. (FAST) started a program of mini-grants for Morgan County teachers in 2016. The plan was to make annually 15 awards: twelve (12) $500 awards for small projects plus three (3) $3,000 awards for larger department or collaborative projects that address several aspects of a topic or theme. The larger collaborative projects need to identify all intended collaborators and their teaching objectives. During 2016-2019, we made 64 awards to teachers totaling $67,000.

Applications for 2020 mini-grants must be submitted by October 7 for awards to be made by November, 2020. Click the following link for the grant application form in editable Microsoft Word format.

The mini-grant program supports teachers who create meaningful learning experiences beyond standard classroom rote memorization and encourage students to apply their newly learned words and concepts in conversations outside the classroom. FAST gives priority to projects that enable and empower students to share new knowledge in voluntary “show-and-tell” with their families and friends. Such actions enable FAST’s mission of advancing the use of arts, sciences, technologies and social studies in the daily lives of individuals and families in Morgan County.

Reports of projects created by Morgan County teachers are posted to show the Morgan County community diverse ideas that students learned.

page revised December, 2019