Enhanced Learning for Morgan County, W. Va.

Shaping the Future for Morgan County, WV


Shaping the Future for Morgan County, WV


Shaping the Future for Morgan County, WV

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Social Studies


About Us

In 2020 Bill Lands and Norberta Schoene partnered with the Tom & Virginia Seely Foundation to create The Seely Foundation Paradox Fund. Its mission is to support Morgan County, WV activities that stimulate curiosity and learning. Learn more.

Teacher Mini-Grant

The mini-grant program supports teachers who create meaningful learning experiences beyond standard classroom rote memorization and encourage students to apply their newly learned words and concepts in conversations outside the classroom. Priority goes to projects that enable and empower students to share new knowledge in voluntary “show-and-tell” with their families and friends. 


Recent Grant Activity

  • Teacher Mini-Grants
  • Morgan County Schools
  • Wind Dance Farm
  • Senior Life Services
  • Museum of the Berkeley Springs
  • Morgan County Observatory
  • Sleepy Creek Watershed
  • Friends of the Cacapon River
  • Warm Springs Watershed
  • Morgan County Starting Points
  • Morgan County Partnership
  • WVU Extension Service
  • Black Cat Music Coop

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