About Us

Bill Lands and Norberta Schoene

Shaping the Future for Morgan County, WV students and their families

In 2020 Bill Lands and Norberta Schoene partnered with the Tom & Virginia Seely Foundation to create The Seely Foundation Paradox Fund. Its mission is to support Morgan County, WV activities that stimulate curiosity and learning. The goal is to help Morgan County students and families develop deeper experience and understanding for the possible roles of arts, sciences, technologies, social studies and wellness in their daily lives.

For years Bill and Norberta funded a 501(c)3 organization, FAST (the Morgan County Forum for Arts, Science and Technologies, Inc.), and awarded mini grants to Morgan County teachers to create meaningful learning experiences beyond rote memorization and encourage students to apply newly learned words and concepts in conversations outside the classroom. FAST also supported community nutrition with the Sardine Club and Backpack programs. Bill and Norberta are lifelong research biochemists with a professional and personal passion to improve human health by balancing dietary omega-6 fatty acids with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They are a pair of docs desiring enhanced learning by Morgan County residents of all ages.

Grants for mentoring activities and more will continue to be supported through the Seely Foundation Paradox Fund.