Mini-Grant Awards for Teachers

The mini-grant program supports teachers who create meaningful learning experiences beyond standard classroom rote memorization and encourage students to apply their newly learned words and concepts in conversations outside the classroom. Priority goes to projects that enable and empower students to share new knowledge in voluntary “show-and-tell” with their families and friends. The projects are listed below to share with the Morgan County community the diverse ideas that students learned in projects created by Morgan County teachers.

Berkeley Springs High School

Hands on Science, John Brode
Holocaust Museum Field Trip, Meghan Powell
Technology for Math Education, Dylan Beddow
Power of the Sun & Water Quality of Warm Springs Run, John Brode
Radiation & Stratosphere, John Brode  –  see also BSHS Space Program
Stratosphere with Chromebooks, John Brode
World of Microbes, Richard Burdock
Electrophoresis for DNA Analysis, Richard Burdock
Quadratics, Kim Hamrick
Mathematics of Good Nutrition, Sherry Hartman
Sound Engineering, Robert Myers
Tech Please, Ellen Chase Newton
Theater and Literature, Chase Newton
Creative Writing Publishing, Meghan Powell
Garden Project, Meghan Powell
Multimedia Explosion, Kristen Tuttle
Quadratic Catapult, Sky Wagner
Video Recording, Brice Williams

Paw Paw Schools

Learning While Moving, Anne Helmick
Let’s Grow Together, Shanna Poniris
Manipulatives, Adam Keeling
Technology, Shanna Poniris
Magic Carpet Ride, Shanna Poniris & Jensuya
Musical Theater & Finale software, Robert Wallace

Warm Springs Middle School

PAWSitive Gear = PAWSitive Atmosphere, Amanda Henry
Middle School Band Drumline, Ian Helmick
Backyard Weather Station, Joyce Sloan
Music and Movement, Matt Griffith
Literary Magazine, Kathleen Boyce
Work it Out, Patricia Byrne
Work It Out, Patricia Byrne
Social Studies Fair Research – Jacklyn Futrell
On Fire, Elizabeth Golden
Keyboarding and Touch Typing, Amanda Henry
Creating Readers, Margee Hill
Classroom Assistance, Tammi Stotler
Periodic Table Practicum, Charles Wilson

Warm Springs Intermediate School

Pull Up a Seat & Connect to the World, Cheryl Roberts
The Purrfect End for Strugglers, Christina Rose
Circuit Boards, Lorie Faith
Holiday Cookie Plates, Marianna Ruggiero
Global Read Aloud,Shanahan Elmore
Owl Be Investigation, Shanahan Elmore
Ecosystems and Food Chain & STEAM Ahead, Shanahan Elmore
Fairytale Bots, Shanahan Elmore
Magnificent Robots, Lorie Faith
The Community We Built, Jennifer Fox
Spheros in the Classroom, Jennifer Fox
Book Tasting, Margaret Hill
Watershed Dynamics, Tia Myers
Watershed Trip, Tia Myers
Dino-Mite Adventure, Math Mindset, Christina Rose
Spheros, Christina Rose
Self-Regulation Yoga, Anna Ruggiero & Hiroko Rubin
Self-Regulation, Anna Ruggiero & Hiroko Rubin
Investigation Station Microscope, Susan Thomas
Milk Plastic & Milk Plastic, Cheryl Will

Pleasant View Elementary School

Battle of the Books (cont.), Chelsea Delph
Reading Made Easier, Misty Tusing
30 Book Challenge, Morgan Golden
5TH Grade Beginning Band, Lora Hetrick
Battle of the Books, Charity Brinegar
Book Madness, Charity Brinegar
Chromebooks, Jacklyn Futrell
Science Meets Home, Summer McClintock
We’re All Wonders, Summer McClintock
Harness the Wind, Summer McClintock
Literature Connections, Summer McClintock
Magic Carpet Ride, Shanna Poniris & Jensuya
Fairy Tales & Eclipse, Donna Meyer
Picture This, Donna Meyer

Widmyer Elementary

Non-fiction reading for future leaders, Adam K. Keeling
Revised: Dry Erase Paddleboards for writing & cleaning cloths, Shannon Brown

Head Start (EPIC) & Other

Painting Emotions, Brittany Cockrell
Earth Day, Brittany Cockrell

Wind Dance Earth Education Center
Into the Woods!, Leslie Devine-Milbourne
Citizen Scientists, Leslie Devine-Milbourne