Social Studies

Explore our world through the inspirational people and places of the past and present.

Rebecca Macleod – Community Volunteer

24:04 minutes – Watch on YouTube

Larry Lower – Urban Beautification

25:38 minutes – Watch on YouTube 

Betty Lou Harmison 27:00 [died. 2021]
Jeanne Mozier 6:48 [died. 2020] and promoting the community
John Douglas 25:51 [died, 2017]
Saira Blair 26:08
Elaine Parke 26:23
Gary McDaniel  2:14
Russell Mokhiber meets people at This Week in Morgan County

Ideas in Social Studies

Symbols & Sound 1:18  
Pun Paradox 0:21 
The Driver Didn’t Die 1:05 – student-made award-winning message


Morgan County Partnership engages, educates and empowers youth.

Morgan County Library people who read books live many lives, others live only one life.

Starting Points provides paths to independent, healthy, and stable family life.

Museum of the Berkeley Springs exhibits geology, history and culture of the area.

Travel Berkeley Springs brings visitors to the community.

Morgan County Chamber of Commerce guides and coordinates community growth.

Senior Life Services of Morgan County brings older people together.