Repair Meal Plans

You can repair meal plans by replacing the foods with very negative scores by foods with more positive scores. OmegaMeals software shows how the positive and negative scores combine in an “ordinary” meal with a typical health risk assessment value for Americans near 79% n-6 in HUFA.

Menu plan repair gives health risk assessment values with lower %omega-6 in HUFA, associated with a lower risk for chronic inflammatory conditions. [ click each plan to see its details]

Replacing two foods with very negative scores by foods with more positive scores can lower the health risk assessment value to give a less inflammatory diet with less than 50% n-6 in HUFA.

Replacing sausage (-17.8) with salmon (+40.5) and salad dressing (-47.9) with olive oil (-10.2) lets you NIX the 6 and EAT the 3 to give a repaired, balanced plan (Balance Score, -1.7).  All you need to do is (On YouTube): accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative

Three more replacements (coconut oil,-1.9, for olive oil, -10.2; wine, 0.0 for avocado, -10.0; and flax-pretzels, +9.1 for walnuts, -44.4) can give health risk assessment values near 23% n-6 in HUFA (Balance Score, +4.1). You do not need to eat whale blubber and seal meat to have a HUFA balance like an Inuit from Greenland!   Just NIX the 6 and EAT the 3 to have an antiinflammatory diet . A primitive diet rich in foliage can also give a very positive average Omega 3-6 Balance.