Links for learning

Morgan County Library people who read books live many lives, others live only one life.
Morgan County Schools 
keep continual encouragement  of curiosity and learning
Morgan County Partnership 
engages, educates and empowers youth
Morgan County Observatory keeps a place for viewing things beyond earth
Morgan Arts Council 
keeps putting ART out there – – in all of its forms
Morgan County USA has news items of interest to Morgan County residents 
Morgan Messenger Archive 
has local news from 2004 to the present
Morgan County Solid Waste Authority 
arranges convenient recycling for the community
Morgan County Planning Commission 
guides and coordinates community growth   
Morgan County Chamber of Commerce
 guides and coordinates community growth
Museum of the Berkeley Springs
 exhibits geology, history and culture of the area
Senior Life Services of Morgan County brings older people together
Starting Points provides paths to independent, healthy, and stable family life
Sleepy Creek Watershed works to improve the environment
Warm Springs Watershed 
works to improve the environment
Travel Berkeley Springs brings visitors to the community
WVU Extension Service puts knowledge at your doorstep
National Library of Medicine [PubMed] searches topics in 28 million biomedical reports!
Community News 
is a bulletin board for Eastern Panhandle events

revised March, 2019