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>> Congratulations to the Bookworms who SWEPT the
2015 Eastern Panhandle "Brain Games".
FAST will host the 2016 Great Gray Matter Challenge in January

Join Morgan County's Wellness Project:
Learn about omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients
Learn about the Sardine Club and youth wellness
NIX the 6 & EAT the 3 to improve wellness
Omega 3-6 Balance Scores for shopping choices
Get your own 3minus6 Apps to use on mobile devices
Morgan County Schools take wellness actions
Omega-3 Treats in Town to improve wellness
Think about an OMEGA-3 PIZZA
to improve wellness
West Virginia Losses without wellness
MORGAN COUNTY MENUS for wellness ideas
KIM-2 software is now replaced with new apps

Please contact FAST and join us to help make_a_learning_community
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PO Box 674, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

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Hosted by Jim Hoyt at Cacapon Group