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Thursday, March 24, 6-7 pm  – Warm Springs Intermediate School celebrated Morgan County Sardine Club Week with a Sardine Family Night at which the Ukulele Club sang new songs about sardines and omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients in foods and their health benefits.The Morgan County Forum for Arts, Sciences and Technologies, FAST, awarded a $3,000 prize to Donna Meyer for an original essay describing how the ideas in the two videos noted below might be blended into the daily lives of Morgan County residents:   and

FAST Omega3 Award web

Donna Meyer (left) receives award from Dr. Norberta Schoene, FAST Treasurer.

Honorable mention awardees received a set of four books: The Queen of Fats by Susan Allport; The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet by Evelyn Tribole; The Flax Cookbook by Elaine Magee; Fish, Omega-3 and Human Health by William Lands. The honorable mention awardees are: Arts, Mokhiber (Russell, Angela, Zane, and Nicholas) family; Sciences (tied), Yvette Levi and David Marshland; Technologies, Walker Williams; Social Studies, Bittner (Doug, Janice, Ben and Logan) and Mellott (Dave, Suzanne, Sam, Ava, Emma and Izaac) families.


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updated March, 2016