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Morgan County Sardine Club Week in March featured a Sardine Family Night at which the Ukulele Club sang new songs about sardines and how omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients in foods have health benefits.The Morgan County Forum for Arts, Sciences and Technologies, FAST, awarded a $3,000 prize to Donna Meyer for her original essay describing how the ideas in the two videos noted below might blend into the daily lives of Morgan County residents. See the videos and consider your own ideas:     and

In September, FAST will join the Morgan Arts Council and the Morgan County Library in sponsoring Colleen Anderson’s visit to Morgan County. She will introduce 4th graders to a variety of poetic forms; have sessions with high school creative writing and theater classes plus an open public presentation and an evening workshop for adults at the Ice House on September 22, starting at 6 pm. We hope that you and your families will find time to interact with this creative poet and performer during the week that she is here.

For National Seafood Month in October, the Seafood Nutrition Partnership is sharing recipes and arranging special aid for West Virginia residents who want to host a House Party featuring seafood. You may want to help your friends and neighbors NIX the 6 and EAT the 3.

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Learn about omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients
Learn omega 3-6 balance scores  online in a FAST way
Learn about the Sardine Club and youth well-being
NIX the 6 & EAT the 3 to improve wellness
Omega 3-6 Balance Scores for shopping choices
Get your own 3minus6 Apps to use on mobile devices
Morgan County Schools take wellness actions

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updated August, 2016