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The eighth Great Gray Matter Challenge was held in the Berkeley Springs High School Cafeteria on January 8, 2017. With the largest attendance ever, ninety (90) people of ages ranging from 15 to 86 years combined into 14 teams of four to six people and answered 100 questions on topics in arts, sciences, technologies and social studies. ggmc-2017-sceneNorberta Schoene (standing, left) and Abbie Brown (standing, rear) invite you to send questions for the 2018 event to For the 90 persons participating in 2017, FAST added $900 to the Morgan County Public Library Literacy Fund.ggmc-2017-winnersThe members of the 2017 winning team were (from left to right) Helen Herlocker, Mike Kligerman, Ethan Hatcher, Susan Lothers, Bob Wurster, John Douglas.  Learn more about this event’s history here.

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